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Rebel Brush Trucks
REBEL brush trucks are the perfect solution for wildland firefighting!
The REBEL was designed with the help of wildland firefighters and engineers and can be customized in any way to meet your needs. REBEL brush trucks combine the latest in firefighting technology with a powerful chassis to deliver superior fire fighting capabilities. Rest assured, your personnel will be equipped to fight fire safely and effectively with the REBEL brush truck. Contact us today and our team will work with you to design a REBEL brush truck for your department.

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REBEL Brush Truck Features

Body Strength

Our bodies are engineered using CAD to ensure maximum strength, weight and performance. Our aluminum bodies sit on a TIG welded substructure (6” I-Beam frame rails with 4” I-Beam cross members on 12” centers). The bodies are thoroughly tested to ensure operational quality standards are met in all conditions.

Scene Lighting

Our LED and HID scene lighting provides 360 coverage without the use of a generator. Every REBEL brush truck we build comes equipped with a scene lighting package.

Front Bumpers

REBEL brush trucks come with heavy duty Warn brush guards which are ideal for operating in wildland areas. These brush guards can be upfitted with winches, emergency lighting, HID driving lights, fixed or receiver mount winches, cameras and speakers. We can also install a hose bed in your front bumper for quick access.

Front Bumper Turrets

The REBEL can be outfitted with a front bumper turret, which allows you to safely fight fire with a joystick from inside the cab. The Akron Forestry monitor bumper turret, with its adjustable GPM nozzle is ideal for safely and quickly fighting fire on the go without pulling hose.

Ground Nozzles

The REBEL can be outfitted with fixed ground sweep nozzles. With 400 gallons of water and 10 gallons of foam, you can cover 2 miles on a single tank. This option provides an efficient way to cover a large area without getting out of the truck.

Optional Features

REBEL brush trucks have a variety of optional features such as back boards, ladders, stokes basket storage and slide out crosslays. REBEL brush trucks are completely customizable, and can be configured in any way to meet your needs.


With today’s budgets, you need a truck that serves more than one purpose. REBEL series brush trucks serve as wildland engines, EMS first responders, rapid intervention units and water shuttles.

Body Variations

  • Squad Style Bodies
  • Rescue Style Bodies
  • Flatbed Style Bodies
  • Aluminum and/or steel
  • All styles available in 9’-11’

Safety Features

  • In cab operation of firefighting equipment
  • High visibility scene lighting
  • Rear chevrons
  • Front and/or rear cameras

Easily Serviced

  • Stainless steel and flex hose plumbing allow for quick field repairs
  • Full access to pump, valves and plumbing
  • Easy access to electrical compartment

Highly Maneuverable

  • REBEL brush trucks transport personnel, tools and water to the fire line that a Class A pumper can’t.
  • We can outfit your REBEL brush truck with heavy duty off road tires which will excel in any condition.
  • We offer Kelderman bag suspension systems which give you the clearance needed in wildland terrain while keeping a low center of gravity.

Firetrucks Unlimited’s Commitment to Quality

REBEL brush trucks have been tested and refined under extreme wildland conditions of all types. Our 33,000 sq. ft. facilities are located in Henderson, NV. We encourage you to inspect our facility, which can accommodate any size department. We provide conference areas, NFPA suspension testing, on-site pump testing, training and more.

REBEL brush trucks typically take 4-6 weeks to build upon arrival of your chassis. We keep you updated with the progress of your build through photos and weekly phone calls. Delivery of your REBEL brush truck includes final inspection, pump testing, operation and maintenance training. We have the experience and commitment to quality you require to produce your department’s wildland fire apparatus. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a tour.

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