Fire Truck Refurbishment

Add 10+ Years of Service to Your Truck For 60% Less than Buying New!
Fire truck refurbishment saves you money and gives your truck a second life. Our refurbishment service gives you the power to choose which upgrade and repair options meet your specific needs. Firetrucks Unlimited is the leading fire truck refurbishment company and offers service on trucks from every manufacturer.  Contact us today to see how our experience, facilities and dedication to delivering the highest quality service can help you!


What is Refurbishment?

Full Refurbishments Replace or Repair Every Component
Complete refurbishments include a true, down to the frame rebuild. Every component will be inspected and replaced or repaired as needed. We do not take any short cuts. Our commitment to quality extends to every component on the apparatus.

Each Project Is Customized
No two refurbishment projects are the same. Our team will work with you to develop a refurbishment plan which fits within your budget and satisfies your needs.

How it Works

Refurbishment AssessmentAssessment
We assess your needs through an open dialogue to create an accurate evaluation of the project scope. We request you send us detailed photos to accurately communicate the condition and configuration of the apparatus. If your apparatus is a candidate for refurbishment, we can travel to your department to perform an on-site pre-inspection.

Refurbishment ProposalProposal
We will provide an itemized proposal which allows you to tailor your refurbishment to meet your needs. Proposals are typically revised 2-3 times to arrive at a solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Refurbishment StageRefurbishment
Once your apparatus has been transported to our facilities, our EVTs will perform a complete inspection. We then thoroughly clean the apparatus and perform the work detailed in the project scope. Once the refurbishment is complete, your apparatus will be rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Refurbishment InspectionFinal Inspection & Training
Your team will be flown in to Las Vegas to inspect your refurbished apparatus. We will walk you through the entire truck and explain what work was performed. We will demonstrate the full capabilities of the truck and provide training. Any questions or comments you have will be addressed at this time.


Featured Refurbishment Projects

We have refurbished over 160 fire trucks. Visit the Completed Projects page to see photos of every refurbishment project we have finished.

Before & Afters

Fire Truck Repaints
Refurbished Compartments
Refurbished Interiors
Refurbished Engines
New LED Lighting
Body Modifications

Benefits of Refurbishment

RefurbishmentSaves Time
We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry! Refurbishing your fire truck typically takes between 120 and 180 days. Buying a new truck can take up to two years.

Saves Money
Refurbishment typically costs 60% less than buying new. In some cases, our customers have been able to completely refurbish three fire trucks instead of buying one new.

Adds 10+ Years of Service
You can expect your refurbished fire truck to give you at least another 10 years of service with regular maintenance. This is not just our opinion, the US government has been refurbishing vehicles for many years and their studies confirm this fact.

Supplements Your Purchasing Cycle
Refurbishment does not eliminate the need for buying new apparatus. By refurbishing your truck you are extending its life and therefore offsetting the need to purchase new ones. Many of our clients incorporate refurbishment into their purchasing cycle, which has a significant positive impact on their budgets. We also offer long term contracts which reduce your costs and help us to reserve your place in our production schedule.


About Firetrucks Unlimited

Firetrucks Unlimited Exterior
Firetrucks Unlimited Interior

First Full Service Refurbishment Company
Firetrucks Unlimited is the first company to offer a fully featured refurbishment program. We offer refurbishment for every make and model of fire apparatus. We serve volunteer, municipal and government clients including the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Largest Refurbishment Facilities
We have over 33,000 sq. ft. of facilities dedicated to refurbishing fire trucks. Our facilities offer full mechanical, electrical, fabrication & cosmetic capabilities. Your apparatus will be worked on by certified EVTs who are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to ensure safe operation upon delivery. We encourage customers to visit our facilities in Henderson, NV for a tour of our operation.

Owned & Operated by Former Firefighters
Firetrucks Unlimited is owned and operated by former firefighters. This gives us an edge in the industry because we have the knowledge that only experience can provide.

Nationwide & International Service
We provide apparatus refurbishment services to every U.S. state and to international clients. Our contracts with the military have allowed us to refurbish trucks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy, Bah ‘rain, Diego Garcia and Djibouti, Africa to name a few.

100% Satisfaction Assured

Project Status Updates
We believe communication is the most important component of maintaining customer satisfaction. We provide phone calls and weekly photo updates on our web site to keep you current with the work being performed on your apparatus.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority
We go to great lengths to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their refurbished apparatus. If any component of your truck does not meet your standards please let us know and we will address it immediately.

NFPA, DOT, FAAProjects Meet NFPA, DOT & FAA Standards
Upon completion your apparatus will meet NFPA 1912, DOT & FAA standards. Our Certified EVTs will thoroughly test your pump to ensure your apparatus is operating safely at maximum efficiency. We also provide aerial testing through UL.

1 Year WarrantyBest Warranty in the Industry
We stand behind the work we do. Every truck we refurbish comes with a one year warranty on all items in the statement of work. In addition, all warranties offered by the manufacturers of new components are extended to the customer. Our nationwide service capabilities ensure any warranty claims you may have will be addressed in a timely manner.