Refurbishment Adds 10-15 Years of Service For 60% Less Than Buying New!


Do you have a truck that is near the end of its first life?
Is your department operating on a limited budget? If so, we’re here to help! We will refurbish and upgrade your truck to make it like new for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Need a new truck? No problem! We provide premium quality trucks of all types from our inventory to get you started.

Quality You Can Count On
We believe the quality of a refurbished fire truck should be on par with a new truck to truly be considered “refurbished”. We’ve delivered hundreds of fully refurbished trucks to departments all over the world, more than any other company.

Full Refurbishment Projects Include 150+ Services

  • Re Manufacture the Engine, Transmission and Cooling Package
  • Overhaul the Pump, Suspension, Brakes and Hydraulics
  • Upgrade Cab Interiors, Technology, Lighting, Pumps and Safety
  • Full Disassembly for Repaint, Striping & Decals
  • Re Configurations & Fabrication
  • Extensive Testing & Quality Control
  • Pump and Aerial Certification

Your project will be customized to meet your specific needs.


We’ve refurbished hundreds of fire trucks. See some some great examples of our work below.


See what’s possible when you refurbish with Firetrucks Unlimited.



We work with you to determine which trucks in your fleet are good candidates for refurbishment. If your fleet doesn’t have any good candidates, we offer high quality core fire trucks from our inventory that are ready for refurbishment.


We provide an itemized proposal often including over 150 refurbishment services. We’ll work with you to customize the proposal to meet your departments specific needs.


Your truck will be transported to our 50,000 sq. ft. facility where certified EVTs will perform the refurbishment work. Rigorous quality control checks are performed at each station to ensure exceptional quality. Your dedicated Project Coordinator will be in constant contact to keep you current with the progress of your refurb.

Final Inspection & Delivery

Your team will visit our facility near Las Vegas to inspect the finished truck. We review the project scope together to ensure you are fully satisfied with the work performed before your truck returns to service.


Refurbishment Experience
We’ve delivered hundreds of fully refurbished fire trucks for front line service, more than any other company.

Specialized Refurbishment Facilities
Our 50,000 sq. ft. facilities are specially designed for fire truck refurbishment which results in higher quality and lower costs for the customer.

Adds 10-15 Years of Service
You can expect your refurbished fire truck to give you another 10-15 years of service with regular maintenance.

The Best Price
Refurbishment at FTU typically costs 60% less than buying new. There are no hidden charges, we give you a great price up front and stick to it. We work with you to customize a project that is the right size for your specific needs and budget.

Fastest Turnaround Times
We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry due to our specialized refurbishment process. Refurbishing your fire truck typically takes between 120 and 180 days. Buying a new truck can take up to two years.

We Service Every Make and Model
Your mixed fleet of fire apparatus is no problem for us. We have completed refurbishments on many different brands of fire apparatus.

Factory-Trained Certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians
Your truck will worked on by factory-trained certified EVTs who are passionate about their work and strive to continually improve our quality.

Keep the Trucks You Trust
You’ve spent years with your trucks. You know how they operate and trust they can perform when needed. Refurbishment keeps the trucks you know and love in service for many years to come!

Our Partners
We’re partnered with industry leading brands. The equipment on your refurbished truck will be the same as any new truck.

Nationwide & International Service
We provide service to every U.S. state and to international clients.

Rental Units Available
We provide quality rental fire trucks during the refurbishment if needed to keep your department fully equipped.

Working on a tight budget? Contact us and we will explain how to finance your refurbishment.

Best Warranty
You can count on Firetrucks Unlimited to support you before, during and after the project. Every truck we refurbish comes with a one year warranty on all items in the statement of work. In addition, all warranties offered by the manufacturers of new components are extended to the customer. Our nationwide service capabilities ensure any warranty claims you may have will be addressed asap.


“Firetrucks Unlimited did a great job on refurbishing a used truck we purchased, we saved 300k over purchasing a new truck and we were able to get a lot more upgrades than if we purchased new, especially for the cost! The staff and mechanics are great. Special thanks to Richard, who was always there to answer all my questions. Everything on the truck works flawlessly. Thanks Again!”
Buckeye Valley Fire District Logo
Shawn Murphy
Fleet Manager
Buckeye Valley Fire District
Pierce Saber Pumper Refurbishment Project
“The most comprehensive fire apparatus refurbisher in North America!”
Mohave Valley Fire Department Logo
Ted Martin
Fire Chief
Mohave Valley Fire Department
Pierce Quantum Pumper Refurbishment Project
“The mechanic team was professional and skilled. All of us who attended the final commented on how the mechanics all showed so much pride in their work. This definitely left us feeling good about the project. We are very happy with the experience and would use your company again.”
Northstar Fire Department Logo
Rusty Coleman
Fire Captain
Northstar Fire Department
Hi Tech Pumper Refurbishment Project


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