FTU featured in DOD Fire News for Type 6 Refit

“USMC New off-road fire engine ideal for High Desert terrain”

Firetrucks Unlimited recently completed the refit of a type 6 brush truck for Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow to help them access hard to reach areas.

“We had it refitted into a fire engine that is capable of getting through the tunnel between MCLB Barstow and the Marine Memorial Golf Course,”

The best part is, we were able to save them a ton of money and deliver a great truck to help them achieve their mission.

The refitting of the truck into the Type-6 fire engine cost just a little under $200,000 and was done by Fire Trucks Unlimited, a firm in Henderson, Nevada, which specializes in building Fire Rescue Vehicles, Fire Rescue Utility Vehicles, and Ultra High-Pressure Firefighting Systems. That compares to building a new fast response fire engine from the ground for $450,000 to $500,000.

See the Full Article Here: https://dodfirenews.blogspot.com/2019/08/usmc-new-off-road-fire-engine-ideal-for.html

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